About Us

TalentLink.id is a platform developed to help anyone dreaming of being a star to promote his or her profile and portfolios. We come to ease talent scouting and hiring; we believe that technology matters in supporting the success of creative industry.

What makes us different from other sites is that the profiles and portfolios the talents submit here are in the format of videos. This way, producers or talent scouters find it easy to assess the talents’ qualification and potency.

With such an approach and service, both talents and talent scouters benefit the efficiency in time and energy and have bigger possibility to match each other. We always believe that everybody has a potency to reach a stardom; that is why, we come to link it so that the path for talents to reach your success is wide open.

In addition to listing talents’ profiles and portfolios, talentLink.id presents a directory of artist managements, artist agencies, production houses, music studios, theater workshops or utilities in which all of them are crucial to facilitate the talents’ career needs. We also hold a variety of programs to help talents build their qualifications.

Our core vision is to be a reliable partner for talented individuals to reach their stardom

Our missions can be elaborated as follows:

  1. to provide a path for talented individuals to a stardom
  2. to allow them promote their profile and portfolios in a format of videos
  3. to advocate them with tips and strategies to reach their dream
  4. to help producers and talent scouters to find talents they are seeking efficiently
  5. to encourage young generation to explore their passion and potency

Should you find you are talented individuals in creative industry of movie, music, modeling, comedy or others, just join us and submit your profile and portfolios. Let your potency get exposed and connected to talent scouters.

talentLink.id team

We can be reached at idtalentlink@gmail.com


Untuk kerja sama Iklan, Promosi atau Media Partner, silahkan kontak via:
Email: idtalentlink.id
WhatsApp: 0812-9383-0668

Pilihan tayangan iklan bisa dalam format video, banner, atau advertorial

  • Iklan dalam format video: videoproduct, videotorial, atau videostory
  • Iklan dalam format banner: uk. 300×250, 780×90
  • Iklan dalam format advertorial: artikel atau blog post


talentLink.id tidak bertanggungjawab atas segala materi yang ditayangkan oleh pengguna dan termasuk segala jenis transaksi yang terjadi antara pembaca, pengguna, pengiklan, dan perusahaan yang tayang dalam website ini. Kami sarankan untuk memverifikasi, bertanya atau konsultasi kepada para ahli sebelum memutuskan melakukan transaksi.

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